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Updated 6/6/12
Funded Projects - Air Quality Mitigation

JIO Goal: Improve conditions outside of the Jonah Field that may adversely affect visibility in nearby Class I airsheds.

American Recovery & Reinvestment Act / Diesel Emissions Reduction Act

DERA project partners Wyoming Machinery Company.
The State of Wyoming DEQ successfully executed a project to provide emissions control solutions for non-road construction equipment providing services to the natural gas fields in Sublette County, Wyo., with the generous assistance of Environmental Protection Agency’s Diesel Emissions Reduction Act grant.

This project achieved significant reductions in diesel emissions reducing 423 tons of nitrogen oxides, 48 tons of particulate matter, 47 tons of hydrocarbons, and 226 tons of carbon monoxide pollution reduced. Working with 11 grant recipients, 30 pieces of equipment were identified, totaling 36 eligible engines.

Contributions by the EPA offset costs while providing solutions such as engine retrofits including engine upgrades and engine repowers. The State of Wyoming DEQ administered and provided the DERA funds to the various recipients in order for them to install the emissions control solutions to the equipment.

  • Project Status: Completed
  • Total Project Cost: $2.1 million
  • JIO Funded: $250,000

Community Outreach Effort / What Can I Do? Campaign

community outreach flyer
The “What Can I Do?” campaign encouraged community involvement and environmental education to create concrete opportunities to lessen to air pollution in the Upper Green River Basin. The campaign included components such as advertising for local recycling initiatives, such as “Don’t Burn Trash” (reduces particulate matter); advertising to explain “What are VOCs?”; campaign to encourage people to “Don’t Top-Off” when fueling (reduces VOCs); promotions for carpooling; driving tips, idling time (reduces particulate matter, NO2, VOC, SO2, nitrates and sulfates); promoting of any of the community air quality projects funded by Jonah
off-site mitigation funds, including the wood stove change-out program, environmental book donations and muffler changeouts.
  • Project Status: Complete
  • Total Project Cost: $10,300
  • JIO Funded: $10,300

DEQ Ozone Study

ozone monitoring station.
The WDEQ is conducting an intensive study of wintertime ozone formation in the Upper Green River Basin. Data from the study is being used to develop a conceptual model of ozone formation in the Upper Green River Basin. The conceptual model will be used along with the field data to develop accurate meteorological and air quality numerical simulations of high ozone events. Both the conceptual and numerical models will in turn be used to develop effective air quality management strategies needed to adequately protect public health and the environment in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws.

Project funds were used in the 2007 Ozone Study.

Additional information regarding the study is available at

  • Project Status: Completed
  • Total Project Cost: $442,000
  • JIO Funded: $442,000

Environmental Book Donation for Sublette County Citizens

book donations.

Each of the six public libraries in Sublette County (Sublette County School District #1, Big Piney School District, two county day care centers, Pinedale Library and Big Piney) received funding to purchase library materials, including books or other media, determined by each library director to improve the library’s collection of information related to the environment, environmental health or environmental protection.

Approximately 100 books, 15 DVDs and other media were identified and purchased.

  • Project Status:Completed
  • Total Project Cost: $8,000
  • JIO Funded: $8,000

High Meadow Ranch Property Owners Dust Suppression Project

aerial view of High Meadows Ranch.
There are 382 homes and 807 lots in the High Meadow Ranch Subdivision. A Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) road count measured 1000 cars on the roads/day in 2009. This project involves applying road base and magnesium chloride to 7.2 miles of highly traveled roads in Sublette County’s most densely populated subdivision. Dust suppression directly supports an air quality off-site mitigation goal. Dust
contributes to impaired visibility and is identified as an operator best practice in the Jonah ROD.
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Total Project Cost: $375,000
  • JIO Funded: $324,000

Non-road Equipment Muffler Change-out: Heavy Machinery (2009/10 and 2011/12)

heavy equipment.
A total of 59 vouchers worth $2,500 have been given to owners of eligible non-road equipment (heavy machinery) for the purchase and installation of diesel oxidation catalysts to reduce emissions. Participating companies include TEPPCO, Noble Construction, M&N Equipment, Anticline Disposal, KSI, Randy R. Pitt Construction, FCC, Teletractors and WYDOT.
  • Project Status: In Progress
  • Total Project Cost: $300,000
  • JIO Funded: $300,000

woodstove change out.

Wood Stove Change-out Program - 2011

Similar to the 2009 and 2010 programs, the 50 wood stoves changed out produced 15 tons of pollution per year.

  • Project Status: In progress
  • Total Project Cost: $132,000
  • JIO Funded: $132,000

Wood Stove Change-out Program - 2010

Similar to the 2009 program, the 100 wood stoves changed out produced approximately 24 tons of pollution per year. With the installation of these EPA certified stoves, emissions were reduced to about 1.4 tons per year.
  • Project Status:Completed
  • Total Project Cost: $210,000
  • JIO Funded: $106,104
  • PAPO Funded: $103,750

Wood Stove Change-out Program - 2009

The Wood Stove Change-out Program provided an opportunity for Sublette County citizens to change-out their older, non-certified wood stoves for newer, less polluting EPA-certified stoves. Any individual, business or public or private organization was allowed to register to win a certificate which would provide up to $3,500 towards the purchase and installion of an EPA-certified wood stove to replace an existing wood stove or to replace an existing wood stove with a natural gas stove. Certificates were awarded in a raffle.

A total of 41 EPA-certified stoves have been installed and approximately 10 tons per year of pollution has been reduced.

  • Project Status: Completed
  • Total Project Cost: $150,000
  • JIO Funded: $150,000

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