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Air Quality    

The Air I Breathe

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality/Air Quality Division (DEQ/AQD) regulates and monitors activities relevant to air quality. Based in the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Pinedale Field Office, two AQD engineers are responsible for inspections in the area to ensure there is compliance with these regulations. Jennifer Frazier, responsible for Jonah Field, has been in the JIO-PAPO office since 2006. The Pinedale Anticline inspector, Brandi O’Brien, has been involved since December 2010. Random inspections of well pads are conducted regularly to ensure compliance with air quality permits and larger facilities periodically undergo scheduled inspections. Also responsible for monitoring facilities in the area is the AQD staff based out of Lander. The Cheyenne staff is responsible for providing input to the BLM regarding the records of decision for each field. For more information regarding DEQ and its enforcement actions, refer to the links on this page.

DEQ has monitoring stations located around the state to gather air quality data. Stations near the Pinedale and Jonah fields include Pinedale, Boulder, Daniel, Juel Springs, Big Piney, Wyoming Range and South Pass. These stations measure air pollutants including ozone, NOx, and particulate matter. The Wyoming visibility network link connects to a page with more information about these monitoring stations.





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