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Monitoring - Wildlife
Pronghorn.  Photo by Mark Gocke.
Sage-grouse.  Photo by Mark Gocke.
Mule deer.
Pygmy rabbit.

The purpose of the PAPO is to obtain, collect, store, and distribute monitoring information to support adaptive management and analyze mitigation projects. In addition the PAPO also serves to coordinate mitigation projects, in a cooperative effort with Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative (WLCI) and JIO.

The SEIS ROD also outlines the Wildlife Monitoring Matrix (Matrix) for mule deer, pronghorn, sage grouse and sensitive species. The Matrix process utilizes performance-based measures to proactively react to emerging impact changes early enough to assure both effective mitigation responses and a fluid pace of development over the life of the project.

Wildlife monitoring on the Pinedale Anticline Project Area is described in the Wildlife Monitoring and Mitigation Plan (WMMP) to address the intent of the SEIS ROD to monitor wildlife populations while tracking their response to energy development. The data gathered will provide management guidance for field development and mitigation projects.

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