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Request for Wildlife Exception

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Project Category: Fluid minerals/APD  Realty action/ROW Other

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Project Information Provided by Proponent

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BLM Contact Name (NRS, Realty, Range):
Type of Project:  Fluid minerals/APD      Realty action/ROW      Other
Lease or Case File Number:
Location: ¼    ¼ Section: Township North Range West
Date Action (APD/ROW) Approved:
Spud Date/Proposed Start Date:
Exception Requested Until Date (approval limited to 14 days):

Affected Resources (check all that apply within request time period)

        Crucial Winter Range
        Raptor Nesting (list species if known):
        Mountain plover
        Parturition/Calving/Lambing Habitat
        Other Species or Seasonally Restricted Habitats (list if known):

Statement of Work

Statement of need for the exception, including alternatives considered & impact of delay:
Actions/construction to be completed, including workforce & equipment required:
Anticipated start date & time frame required for actions/construction:
Next logical stopping point:
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Or fax to 307-328-4373 with "Exception Request" as the subject.
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