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Carbon County

Click a township on the map to view the corresponding survey plat.

t12nr81w t12nr80w t12nr85w t12nr84w t12nr83w t12nr82w t12nr89w t12nr88w t12nr87w t12nr86w t12nr90w t12nr91w t12nr92w t13nr81w t13nr86w t13nr85w t13nr82w t13nr90w t13nr88w t13nr87w t13nr93w t13nr80w t13nr89w t13nr91w t13nr92w t13nr83w t13nr84w t14nr81w t14nr86w t14nr85w t14nr82w t14nr90w t14nr88w t14nr87w t14nr93w t14nr80w t14nr89w t14nr91w t14nr92w t14nr83w t14nr84w t15nr81w t15nr86w t15nr85w t15nr82w t15nr90w t15nr88w t15nr87w t15nr93w t15nr80w t15nr89w t15nr91w t15nr92w t15nr83w t15nr84w t16nr84w t16nr83w t16nr92w t16nr91w t16nr89w t16nr80w t16nr93w t16nr87w t16nr88w t16nr90w t16nr82w t16nr85w t16nr86w t16nr81w t17nr84w t17nr83w t17nr92w t17nr91w t17nr89w t17nr80w tt17nr93w t17nr87w t17nr88w t17nr90w t17nr82w t17nr79w t17nr78w t17nr77w t17nr85w t17nr86w t17nr81w t18nr84w t18nr83w t18nr92w t18nr91w t18nr89w t18nr80w t18nr93w t18nr87w t18nr88w t18nr90w t18nr82w t18nr79w t18nr78w t18nr77w t18nr85w t18nr86w t18nr81w t19nr81w t19nr86w t19nr85w t19nr77w t19nr78w t19nr79w t19nr82w t19nr90w t19nr88w t19nr87w t19nr93w t19nr80w t19nr89w t19nr91w t19nr92w t19nr83w t19nr84w t20nr85w t20nr86w t20nr81w t20nr80w t20nr89w t20nr90w t20nr82w t20nr83w t20nr84w t20nr88w t20nr87w t20nr79w t20nr78w t20nr77w t21nr77w t22nr77w t23nr77w t24nr77w t25nr77w t21nr89w t21nr88w t21nr87w t21nr86w t21nr85w t21nr84w t21nr83w t21nr82w t21nr81w t21nr80w t21nr79w t21nr78w t22nr89w t22nr88w t22nr87w t22nr86w t22nr85w t22nr84w t22nr83w t22nr82w t22nr81w t22nr80w t22nr79w t22nr78w t23nr89w t23nr88w t23nr87w t23nr86w t23nr85w t23nr84w t23nr83w t23nr82w t23nr81w t23nr80w t23nr79w t23nr78w t24nr89w t24nr88w t24nr87w t24nr86w t24nr85w t24nr84w t24nr83w t24nr82w t24nr81w t24nr80w t24nr79w t24nr78w t25nr89w t25nr88w t25nr87w t25nr86w t25nr85w t25nr84w t25nr83w t25nr82w t25nr81w t25nr80w t25nr79w t25nr78w t26nr89w t26nr88w t26nr87w t26nr86w t26nr85w t26nr84w t26nr83w t26nr82w t26nr81w t26nr80w t26nr79w t26nr78w t27nr89w t27nr88w t27nr87w t27nr86w t27nr85w t27nr84w t27nr83w t27nr82w t27nr81w t27nr80w t27nr79w t27nr78w t26nr77w t27nr77w t28nr77w t28nr78w t28nr79w t28nr80w t28nr81w t28nr82w t28nr83w t28nr84w t28nr85w t28nr86w t28nr87w t28nr88w t28nr89w t12nr93w