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Sweetwater County

Click a township on the map to view the corresponding survey plat.

t25nr100w t12nr96w t12nr94w t12nr95w t12nr99w t12nr97w t12nr98w t12nr101w t12nr100w t12nr103w t12nr102w t12nr105w t12nr104w t12nr107w t12nr106w t12nr109w t12nr108w t12nr110w t20nr90w t12nr112w t12nr111w t25nr111w t24nr111w t26nr111w t23nr111w t22nr111w t21nr111w t20nr112w t13nr112w t13nr94w t13nr95w t13nr96w t13nr100w t13nr101w t13nr102w t13nr97w t13nr98w t13nr99w t13nr103w t13nr104w t13nr105w t13nr106w t13nr107w t13nr108w t13nr109w t13nr110w t13nr111w t14nr112w t14nr94w t14nr95w t14nr96w t14nr100w t14nr101w t14nr102w t14nr97w t14nr98w t14nr99w t14nr103w t14nr104w t14nr105w t14nr106w t14nr107w t14nr108w t14nr109w t14nr110w t14nr111w t15nr112w t15nr94w t15nr95w t15nr96w t15nr100w t15nr101w t15nr102w t15nr97w t15nr98w t15nr99w t15nr103w t15nr104w t15nr105w t15nr106w t15nr107w t15nr108w t15nr109w t15nr110w t15nr111w t16nr112w t16nr94w t16nr95w t16nr96w t16nr100w t16nr101w t16nr102w t16nr97w t16nr98w t16nr99w t16nr103w t16nr104w t16nr105w t16nr106w t16nr107w t16nr108w t16nr109w t16nr110w t16nr111w t17nr112w t17nr94w t17nr95w t17nr96w t17nr100w t17nr101w t17nr102w t17nr97w t17nr98w t17nr99w t17nr103w t17nr104w t17nr105w t17nr106w t17nr107w t17nr108w t17nr109w t17nr110w t17nr111w t18nr112w t18nr94w t18nr95w t18nr96w t18nr100w t18nr101w t18nr102w t18nr97w t18nr98w t18nr99w t18nr103w t18nr104w t18nr105w t18nr106w t18nr107w t18nr108w t18nr109w t18nr110w t18nr111w t19nr111w t19nr110w t19nr109w t19nr108w t19nr107w t19nr106w t19nr105w t19nr104w t19nr103w t19nr99w t19nr98w t19nr97w t19nr102w t19nr101w t19nr100w t19nr96w t19nr95w t19nr94w t20nr111w t20nr110w t20nr109w t20nr108w t20nr107w t20nr106w t20nr105w t20nr104w t20nr103w t20nr99w t20nr98w t20nr97w t20nr102w t20nr101w t20nr100w t20nr96w t20nr93w t20nr92w t20nr91w t20nr95w t20nr94w t21nr110w t21nr109w t21nr108w t21nr107w t21nr106w t21nr105w t21nr104w t21nr103w t21nr102w t21nr98w t21nr97w t21nr96w t21nr101w t21nr100w t21nr99w t21nr95w t21nr92w t21nr91w t21nr90w t21nr94w t21nr93w t22nr110w t22nr109w t22nr108w t22nr107w t22nr106w t22nr105w t22nr104w t22nr103w t22nr102w t22nr98w t22nr97w t22nr96w t22nr101w t22nr100w t22nr99w t22nr95w t22nr92w t22nr91w t22nr90w t22nr94w t22nr93w t23nr110w t23nr109w t23nr108w t23nr107w t23nr106w t23nr105w t23nr104w t23nr103w t23nr102w t23nr98w t23nr97w t23nr96w t23nr101w t23nr100w t23nr99w t23nr95w t23nr92w t23nr91w t23nr90w t23nr94w t23nr93w t24nr110w t24nr109w t24nr108w t24nr107w t24nr106w t24nr105w t24nr104w t24nr103w t24nr102w t24nr98w t24nr97w t24nr96w t24nr101w t24nr100w t24nr99w t24nr95w t24nr92w t24nr91w t24nr90w t24nr94w t24nr93w t25nr110w t25nr109w t25nr108w t25nr107w t25nr106w t25nr105w t25nr104w t25nr103w t25nr102w t25nr98w t25nr97w t25nr96w t25nr101w t25nr99w t25nr95w t25nr92w t25nr91w t25nr90w t25nr94w t25nr93w t26nr93w t26nr94w t26nr90w t26nr91w t26nr92w t26nr95w t26nr99w t26nr100w t26nr101w t26nr96w t26nr97w t26nr98w t26nr102w t26nr103w t26nr104w t26nr105w t26nr106w t26nr107w t26nr108w t26nr109w t26nr110w t19nr112w

Some partial and/or half townships cannot be linked from the map due to the size of the map graphic.
Those townships are listed below.